Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Eric Thomas- The BluePrint To Success Mixtape

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I've listened to this mixtape about a million plus times and every time I hear it, It still has the same motivating effect on me. Sometimes people ask, "Do you ever sleep?" Of course I answer yes but just not as much as I should. But little did they know that I wasn't the creator of that mind set, nope, It was this man right here, Eric Thomas. The greatest lesson my father ever taught me, was to always seek to learn from those who know and never choose speaking over listening. And taking that to heart, I've listened and learned from Eric Thomas and I promise you that It has changed my life. So do yourself a favor and download a copy of this mixtape and for the first run through just listen, don't even judge it until you get to the end. I promise from start to finish, regardless if you use it or not, you'll be changed for the better. ~alx.O

!!!HEAD BANGER!!! QB ENT - Baller Anthem (Official Video)

This shit go hard as hell!!!!! ~alx.O

We Chasing The Dream Not The Competition MixTape Out Now
QB entertainment present The Official Music Video Baller Anthem

Dir. x Officialcryan

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QB ENT ft. Chris Ray She's Perfect ( Official Video )

We Chasing The Dream Not The Competition MixTape Coming Soon..
QB entertainment present the official video She's Perfect produced by Arjae Knox
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Directed by: Jaison Williams

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IN MY HEART (Produced by Alx.O For Ablegreen Entertainment)

Off the project "Ablegreen Entertainment Presents: Chapter 1- Bright Lights & Dreams"



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Max Delgado

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Wilkis "Ideology" Figuereo for Itec Audio Studios LLC

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Ablegreen Entertainment Presents: Chapter 1- Bright Lights & Dreams

!!!NEW RELEASE!!! Rekalect - Too Far

Another new release from the TCMG crew, "Too Far" by Rekalect.

Directed by Max Delgado (AblegreenFilms)
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I think this song definitely showcases a growth in lyricism and also gives hints into the possible other sounds Rekalect may be experimenting with. I think the song is dope and the visuals definitely give a nice texture to the overall concept. ~alx.O

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Joe Brooks - 'Til My Heart Stops Beating

I really enjoyed this. It's a nice heartfelt song and an entertaining video, I'm now interested in learning more about this guy, he sings very nice. ~alx.O

Ellie Goulding - Hanging On

My brother just put me onto this song and I've had it on repeat for like the past hour and a half. I'm really digging this artist a lot. Her voice is just so piercingly beautiful and haunting. I would not be surprised if she becomes a world icon one day, her voice definitely has the potential for it and more. ~alx.O

Exclusive Freestyle - Boost Mobile Presents - Be Heard Sessions With Talib Kweli

In this episode, Talib Kweli tells the story about how he got into music because he was a product of his environment, equal parts product of his parents and a product of his city. When he became a teenager, Hip-Hop sort of took over because he wanted to do something cool.

He tells us that he comes from a family and a home that was very focused on education. They went to a lot of museum trips and had a lot of books in their house. He also tells us that he incorporated a lot of these into his rap style.

Quote: "Be Heard is just sort of the diving board or the catalyst for a lot of other things, you know. Once you're heard you can be felt, you know. Once you're felt you can be loved, You know. You've got to be heard first. People got to be open and their ears and their hearts have to be open to let you in first." ~ Talib Kweli

Talib also tells us that we live in an era where you can't just work for someone else. He says have to own your thing.

Watch him end the session with an "off the dome" freestyle.

Drake "5am In Toronto" Review- The Truth With Elliott Wilson

Today on The Truth, Elliott breaks down the lyrics of Drake's newest release, "5am in Toronto". Who is he throwing shade to; The Weeknd or Chris Brown? Sound off in the comments with #TheTruth.