Monday, May 20, 2013

NEW MUSIC: New Music: Beyonce Drops “Grown Woman”

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Mrs. Carter returns with some new music that was produced by the great Timbaland himself. I think it's cool, has great feel and I'm sure the ladies are gonna love message it gives. Another song for all my strong, beautiful, smart, and sexy women out there. ~alx.O

NEW MUSIC: GQ Drew- New Jack City Blues

I thought this was good. It felt good to listen to and the lyrics where right on the money. I'd really like to hear more from this dude. ~alx.O

Globat Kartel in collaborations with Meka Films Presensts: The first video from GQ Drew "New Jack City Blues" (Prod By: Houst'n)) off his first mixtape Plotting My Takeover (P.M.T.)
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NEW MUSIC: B.o.B "Through My Head" (Sci fi shortfilm)

Not only was the song really dope but the short film was also really dope. Equipped with telekinetic powers in what seems like an Orwellian future, the overall packaged was really well done. Shit I wanna see that whole movie now…lol ~alx.O

NEW MUSIC: MIGUEL - DO YOU (Ah Yeahh! Remix)

To take some light away from his acrobatic miscalculations and regain focus on his great voice and songwriting abilities, I give you a new and really dope remix to "Do You" Enjoy folks. ~alx.O

NEW MUSIC: The-Dream x Kelly Rowland “Where Have You Been”

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I've been covering every release from TheDream's new album "4Play" and all I can say is that "Where Have You Been" ft Kelly Rowland, is just another great addition to what seems to be one great album. ~alx.O

NEW MUSIC: Daft Punk feat. Panda Bear // Doin' It Right (The Golden Pony Remix)

Expanding my aim a little with this one. I'm a fan of great music overall, and Daft Punk so far has never  let me down. This is such great traveling music. ~alx.O

NEW MUSIC: Reflex featuring Childish Gambino "Body So Tight"

This shit is so fucking awesome is stupid!! Childish Gambino is sick wit it fo"real!!! ~alx.O

NEW MUSIC: Dawin- Light Of Day (let'em Go)

I really enjoyed the song and the visuals were pretty good too. He can definitely sing. And although he didn't showcase that much, in regards to dancing skills, something tells me that he might of held back a bit and just kept it simple. I'm really interested in seeing where this up and comer takes it, I think he has the potential to be something really big. ~alx.O

NEW MUSIC: Kat Dahlia- Fireman

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Back at it again, Kat Dahlia released another single of her Upcoming debut album "My Garden"