Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rocko Interview With The Breakfast Club

Justin Timberlake Performs 'Mirrors' on Ellen

Now with The 20/20 Experience as an official platinum selling album, all I can say is this. The musical evolution of Justin Timberlake is beyond inspirational. Whether writing, recording or performing this man never gives any less than greatness, and because of it I think Justin's gonna be around for a very long time folks. ~alx.O

Michael Jackson Billie Jean (Cover by Abi Sampa)

Ok, so I've just been put on to this amazing songstress Abi Sampa. I've been scouring the wed trying to find more info on her but with not much luck as of yet. I do, however, have her social media pages which you can find at the bottom. Anyways, I thought her rendition of "Billie Jean" was phenomenal. She took a classic or otherwise cemented iconic song, twisted it and created this beautiful homage to the   late MJ, while still keeping to her own creative vision and vocal uniqueness. I loved it, and I'm definitely gonna keep following up on her. Something tells me that she's gonna do big things. ~alx.O

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COVER: Amazing little boy from Philippines covers Lurther Vandross "Dance with my Father again"

If you ever needed anymore proof that music is in the soul, well here it is. Although seemingly very modest, believe me when I say that this kid's voice is any but. Singing a cover to the late great Lurther Vandross's "Dance with my father again" this kid definitely did it justice if not more. So much so, that I'm sure even the late great himself would have been stunned. ~alx.O

A$AP Ferg - Persian Wine

I fuck with the A$AP Movement all day, fo"real!! But I do have an issue with Ferg tho, I don't get why  his freestyle bars always tend to be more lyrical then his recorded tracks. No diss to Persian Wine, it's definitely a dope track and video, it's just not as lyrical as I'd like to hear from Ferg. And I say that as a compliment, DO NOT sleep on A$AP Ferg, this dude got bars!!!! ~alx.O

Styles P. - Lean (Official Music Video)

I've always been a fan of what Styles P brings to HipHop but I'm sorry I just expected more for him with this one. I really hope that this track has more to do with demographics and numbers than it does the sound of the album, because although the song isn't bad, we all know "The Ghost" can go way harder than that. ~alx.O