Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wale's Trailer, Busta Rhymes' Song, Big Sean in the Studio w/ Eminem - The Truth with Elliott Wilson

Rap Fans Love Anticipation: Wale releases the trailer to "The Gifted," Pharrell produced track for Busta Rhymes, and Big Sean in the studio with Eminem and Royce da 5' 9" on The Truth with Elliott Wilson.

New EP: J.Cole Truly Yours 2 (Download here now)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

After giving us "Cole Summer" Mr. Cole keeps his word and gives us the second installment of his Truly Yours series, aptly titled "Yours Truly 2" enjoy folks, I know I will. ~alx.O

GTA V Trailer [Video Game Trailer] All Characters (Michael,Franklin,&Trevor)!

DOPE!!! Grove Street Fooo!!! lol ^_^d

Eve - Eve ft. Miss Kitty

It's just dope to see Ms Eve back in the rap game again. I can't say that the song is the best I've ever heard from her but I like it. Besides, she is one sexy ass woman. I been having a crush on this woman since like the 6th grade. ~alx.O

"This be the longest crush ever, I ever get to fuck it'd be the longest bust ever."~ J.cole

Meek Mill Talks Reebok Dropping Rick Ross! & Fck Reebok!

Meek Mill Talks Reebok Dropping Rick Ross! "F*ck Reebok... These Companies Follow Our Culture & Make Money Off Our Culture And Pay Us Out Like A Pimp" + Talks Signing Lil Snupe

NEW MUSIC: FreshMays- Humble Beginnings

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Coming from Indianapolis, FreshMays is a fresh new sound that I'm sure will be stuck in your head for days. His latest single "Humble Beginnings", off his mixtape A Starry Night in Indianapolis, has this hypnotizing yet smooth and cool sound layered with his equally cool lyrics. I definitely think this dude has a bright future ahead him. ~alx.O

New Kanye West Album Complete?

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Is that Kanye West sixth solo album finished? According to Hot 97′s Peter Rosenberg (and a Mole), Yeezy held a listening for the suits at Def Jam last week. Peter says the music’s dark, but only time will tell if it actually sees the light of day.

New Music: El-P x Killer Mike “Get It”

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Haven't heard to much from El-P but he did his thang on this and as for Killer Mike, I think he always does his thang. Dope track, enjoy. ~alx.O

New Music: J.Cole “Cole Summer”

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As normal fashion by now, Mr. Cole blesses his fans with some more good music before the album release on June 25th. And in this one he talks about things ranging from not wanting to get sued for using a sample, chilling with drake at a strip club, his relationship with the summertime, and how he still hasn't forgotten where he came from. Not an album cut but definitely a great song, enjoy.~alx.O

Mac Miller at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1

I really like how he's down to earth and so seemingly unaffected by his success. Kudos to Mac Miller. ~alx.O

Monday, April 29, 2013

Imagine A World Where Being "Gay" Would Be The Norm & Being "Straight" Would Be The Minority! Short Film.

Although my site is mainly about music and loosely on political or societal point of views, I felt it very important for me to post this short film. And though I hate the cliche question of "Would you feel that way, if the tables were turned around?" I think this short film took that "would be" cliche question and visually transformed it into something heartfelt, horrifying, piercing and brutally honest. Bullying is not just wrong, it is an act against humanity. We, as a people, have to mold a future without this intolerant, sadistic and prejudice kind of behavior. And I don't say that because I am in favor of homosexuality, heterosexuality, Catholicism, Christianity or any other meaningless societal label. No, I say that as a man with a heart, whom would never want my child or anyone else to deal with this type of hatred and despair. I say that as a human being. ~alx.O

President Obama at 2013 White House Correspondents' Dinner (C-SPAN) 23mins

I enjoyed this very much. His opening and body were hilarious and his closing, piercing and sincere. I don't think theres ever been a president with this much charisma, poise and yet still make himself seem so accessible, as if a brother or neighbor.  I would like to point out though around the 13:11 minute mark, you definitely seem some republicans get a little salty with the "Sequester" jokes. Personally, I found them to be hilarious..lol ~alx.O

Ray J - I Hit It First ft. Bobby Brackins

I mean although he an asshole for this one, I can't hate, the songs pretty catchy. Equipped with home video montages and a Kim Kardashian look alike, Ray J's "I hit it first" might just be the most disrespectful and yet catchy song and video made this year so far. I guess Ray J took the phrase "controversy sells" to the heart with this one. I can't say I respect the move but I definitely respect the hustle, get ya paper homey. ~alx.O

Friday, April 26, 2013


The more I hear from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis the more I become a fan. Their music is just so refreshing and so transcendent that I'm so upset that I'm just finding out about them. I can't wait to hear more. ~alx.O

BEST SONGS OF 2013 SO FAR- The Truth by Elliot Wilson

Even in 2013, a really good visual is required if you want to take your music to a higher level. YN gives us his picks for the best videos he's seen this year from the likes of Macklemore, J.Cole and Miguel, and Fabolous and Chris Brown. ~Elliot Wilson

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rocko Interview With The Breakfast Club

Justin Timberlake Performs 'Mirrors' on Ellen

Now with The 20/20 Experience as an official platinum selling album, all I can say is this. The musical evolution of Justin Timberlake is beyond inspirational. Whether writing, recording or performing this man never gives any less than greatness, and because of it I think Justin's gonna be around for a very long time folks. ~alx.O

Michael Jackson Billie Jean (Cover by Abi Sampa)

Ok, so I've just been put on to this amazing songstress Abi Sampa. I've been scouring the wed trying to find more info on her but with not much luck as of yet. I do, however, have her social media pages which you can find at the bottom. Anyways, I thought her rendition of "Billie Jean" was phenomenal. She took a classic or otherwise cemented iconic song, twisted it and created this beautiful homage to the   late MJ, while still keeping to her own creative vision and vocal uniqueness. I loved it, and I'm definitely gonna keep following up on her. Something tells me that she's gonna do big things. ~alx.O

On FaceBook:

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On Youtube:

COVER: Amazing little boy from Philippines covers Lurther Vandross "Dance with my Father again"

If you ever needed anymore proof that music is in the soul, well here it is. Although seemingly very modest, believe me when I say that this kid's voice is any but. Singing a cover to the late great Lurther Vandross's "Dance with my father again" this kid definitely did it justice if not more. So much so, that I'm sure even the late great himself would have been stunned. ~alx.O

A$AP Ferg - Persian Wine

I fuck with the A$AP Movement all day, fo"real!! But I do have an issue with Ferg tho, I don't get why  his freestyle bars always tend to be more lyrical then his recorded tracks. No diss to Persian Wine, it's definitely a dope track and video, it's just not as lyrical as I'd like to hear from Ferg. And I say that as a compliment, DO NOT sleep on A$AP Ferg, this dude got bars!!!! ~alx.O

Styles P. - Lean (Official Music Video)

I've always been a fan of what Styles P brings to HipHop but I'm sorry I just expected more for him with this one. I really hope that this track has more to do with demographics and numbers than it does the sound of the album, because although the song isn't bad, we all know "The Ghost" can go way harder than that. ~alx.O

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NEW MUSIC::: Logic - Nasty

I been hearing about this cat and now I finally hear something from him. I'm glad to say I am not disappointed, this dude got bars. I don't know to much about him yet but something tells me that, that might change soon. ~alx.O

Studio Session: J. Cole Breaks Down The Production For "Power Trip"

As a producer myself, I always love it when artist make studio session videos. It shines a light on the creative and technical side of the music, while also giving you a glimpse of how organic those process can be sometimes. Like in this case messing around and slowing down a snare hit, and that sound be craziest part of the whole beat. There is no blueprint for that kind of magic, that shit just happens. But anyways, I'm getting ahead of myself. I love the song and I enjoyed this video, definitely makes me an even bigger J.Cole fan. ~alx.O

Sirah - "Up & Down" [Music Video]

She’s a pint size doll spitting rhymes and singing lines amid a crowd of music junkies at the height of SXSW. LA based songstress/rapper Sirah took the stage of the W Hotel Austin with the fury of a freight train and the delicacy of a princess. “I feel like all those East Coast rappers raised me. JAYraised me,” Sirah states pre-set in Austin. Though she left a mark on the music scene with her collaboration with Skrillex on the Grammy Award winning “Bangarang,” her love for music comes from the rawness of hip-hop. “Coming from a hip-hop background… it’s a culture, it’s a lifestyle. No matter what kind of music I’m making, that’s where I start from, “Sirah interjects passionately. “Skrillex at the end of the day is a musician. Whether he’s making computer songs or playing the guitar – he’s a musician. I’m a hip hop fan. That’s where it all stems from.” Her zesty stage performance matches her zeal and forward thinking lyrics as a songwriter. Subtlety is a far cry from Sirah’s reality and mission.

Courtesy Of JayZ's Lifeandtimes.com

Rick Ross (Feat. Omarion) - Ice Cold [Official Video]

Rozay's back at it again with another banger and this time he brought along Omarion. Although this no doubt was a Rick Ross song, my attention was more on Omarion. As a fan,  It's so good to hear new music from him and if this track is evidence of anything, it's that he hasn't lost it. Can't wait to hear more. ~alx.O

Ciara - Body Party

I have been a fan of Ciara since day one. I've always thought that she brought a very much needed element to the female R&B game. And although as of late she's been having some trouble getting back to where she once was, I think this song is a perfect catalyst for showcasing what exactly that much needed element is. Her moves made this video sexy and her vocals made the song even sexier. ~alx.O

Alicia Keys & Maxwell - Fire We Make

Although not the most complex song, lyrically, in the world, it definitely holds true to that classic Maxwell sensuality. And once you add the very talented and uber sexy Miss Alicia Keys, this song goes from sensual to sinfully erotic in a heart beat. This ain't baby making music, this is "Imma fuck the shit out of you" music. It's a winner in my eye's, and boy did my eye's enjoy Miss Keys playing with that ice.. Fellas, trust me… your eyes will too ~alx.O

3 Rap Songs You Should Own - The Truth with Elliott Wilson

I agree with the whole list, but my favorite has to be the Statik Selektah track is my favorite. ~alx.O

We tell you about the best songs and, unfortunately, we tell you about the worst songs. But what about the quality hip-hop that slips through the cracks? Today on The Truth, Elliott shares his top 3 rap songs that you should own. Think he skipped over any gems? Sound off in the comments with YOUR 3 songs that you think everyone should own.

More episodes of The Truth: http://bit.ly/ElliottWilsonTheTruth

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T.I. - Memories Back Then ft. B.o.B & Kendrick Lamar

This track just got better as it went on, starting with T.I. followed by B.o.B. and finished with Kendrick. This track is beyond dope, every verse told a very specific story and with each one you where left with something to think about. I wasn't. however, to convinced with Kris Stephen on the hook. I mean she has a nice voice but I definitely felt like she wasn't as unique as her track mates. I'm not counting her out  as a singer, but she was definitely own shined in this one. ~alx.O

Fabolous - We Get High

I can't hate on this track because it's good for what it is, but I know loso can definitely harder than this. So I'll take it. Oh and that Rihanna line was pretty funny..lol ~alx.O

Glenn Becks Claims A Saudi Student Allegedly Linked To 2 Boston Bombers & Deportation!

Although I reserve my own opinions, I felt this was a perspective worth sharing. Do with it what you will. ~alx.O

Glenn Becks Big Announcement: About A Saudi Student Allegedly Linked To 2 Boston Bombers & Deportation! (Saudi National Once Considered A Person Of Interest In Boston Bombings)
Monday morning Glenn Beck laid out what he knows about the Saudi connection to the Boston marathon bombings. It is a story that the mainstream media has all but completely ignored, though Beck says TheBlaze's Chief Content Officer Joel Cheatwood reached out to numerous other networks in an effort to get the story out. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano refused to acknowledge the story even existed when questioned by Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) last Friday.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

JAY Z's "Open Letter"- The Truth with Elliott Wilson

A trip to Cuba, a new record deal, becoming a sports agent. Yup, this JAY Z guy stays making headline news. So why shouldn't the man himself address all matters. Let's decode this "Open Letter."~ Elliot Wilson

New Music: Havoc x Lloyd Banks “Life We Chose”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

“All that beefing shit is corny, nigga faker than a Twitter beef…”
Havoc and his former G-Unit partner Lloyd Banks, reunite on this cut off his album, 13. At this point, I don’t know whether H is trying to clap or dap P. 13 drops May 7th.

New Music: T-Pain Ft. Juicy J x Trey Songz “Bad Bitches Link Up”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Fuck what you heard, T-Pain is a veteran in this game now and he never comes short with music. So with that said, this shit go hard. I won't be surprised if this becomes a summer anthem. ~alx.O

Rise of the Ghostface Killah [Official Music Video] - Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge

For those who didn't know, When Wu-tang first came out, ghostface use to cover his face with this same kinda of mask. So for a time, no one other than the label and Wu-tang itself knew how Ghostface really looked like. Now hows that for some hiphop trivia… ~alx.O

Tyga Speaks On Rick Ross Getting Dropped From Reebok, Relationship With Blac Chyna, New Album & More

Man of Steel Official Trailer #3 (2013)

DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is all..lol ^_^d ~alx.O

YG feat. Will Claye - IDGAF

Idk what it is about it but this track that just speaks to me. Perhaps it's the simplistic approach to an even simpler concept, and although it's not too lyrical at all, the overall package hits it out of the park for me. This is straight up hood/trap/stripper music and I fucks with that all day. ~alx.O


Although I am JUST catching wind of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (shame on me for that), I really enjoyed the song "Thrift Shop" but I think this one here is the track that has made me a fan. Refreshingly creative the video was dope, the production was dope, and goddammit this guy has some pretty dope bars. Hate it or love it, I think Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are here to stay. ~alx.O

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Choreography::: Vinh Nguyen | "Fine China" by @chrisbrown

Although it's not a real secret to me, but most people don't know that when I was younger before I started making music, I wanted to be a dancer. A short lived desire when I finally built up the courage to do it when I was 22, and subsequently found out that I wasn't really any good at it..lol But hey you live and you learn and from it I still carry this great appreciation for dance and dancers alike. This one here is very dope, perhaps one the better one's that I've seen for this song. Enjoy!! ~alx.O

Monday, April 15, 2013

New Music: DJ Khaled Ft. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne “No New Friends”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As the titles states, Khaled Khaled rounds up the usual suspects and keeps it in his inner circle for the latest single off his album, Suffering From Succces. Produced by Boi-1da and Noah “40″ Shebib.

Young Guru On CNN Radio

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Although Young Guru’s currently on “Era Of The Engineer” Tour, he took time out to converse with Gavin Godfrey on CNN Radio. He spoke on his origins, working with Jay-Z and lecture series.

New Music: Drake x James Fauntleroy “Girls Love Beyonce”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's Highway Robbery: Kid Rock On Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake High Ticket Prices! "It's Garbage"

As a fan of live entertainment, I think Kid Rock has a great idea here. And I think it would be a great thing for live music overall if other artist follow his lead too. It's a win win in my eye's. ~alx.O

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Prodigy Gives Details On 2Pac Faking His Beef With Notorious B.I.G To Sell Records (30mins)

Very insightful. He makes some pretty heavy accusations about 2Pac, Jay Z, Naz, Erv Gotti, and Ja Rule in this autobiography. Makes you really wonder about this music game, and if our heros are heros because of fate or the result of strategically planned marketing campaigns. I'll let you be the judge, let me know what you thing. ~alx.O

Attraction perform their stunning shadow act - Week 1 - Auditions | Britain's Got Talent 2013

Although not directly about music, It is very creative and wonderfully artistic and I'd feel incredible remiss on my part if I didn't post this. These folks proved that great storytelling doesn't always need words and that sometimes so much can be said without even saying a thing. Piercingly heart felt and surprisingly inventive, I thought this was nothing short of spectacular. ~alx.O

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Night Life: Dj Pipo"s Birthday Celebration @Belize Featuring @DjRobCast

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Come celebrate with Dj PIPO, Dj Rob Cast and the whole El Punto Music crew
@Belize Sunday, April 14, 2013
305 Ridge Road, Lyndhurst NJ
For more information call (862)-621-9443

Friday, April 12, 2013

Joey Bada$$ “XXL Freshman” Freestyle

I've been following Joey Bada$$ for a little bit now and I'll tell you, this cat is the truth. I love the hybrid elements of golden era and new school that he and whole pro era team are bringing to Hip Hop. Definitely deserving of his seat on The XXL freshmen roster. ~alx.O

J.Cole Explains Born Sinner Concept

Get More:
J. Cole, Music News

J.Cole’s Born Sinner will finally see the light on June 25th. And in a recent interview with MTV, he explains why he abandoned the basketball themes of his previous project and the concept behind his new album.
 ”It’s not necessarily a church theme and it’s not really about church,” he explained. “I like my album themes to be metaphors because it gives me the freedom to speak about something else that’s going on in my life, so the Born Sinner thing is not about church, it’s not even about religion. It’s using that as canvas to get other messages across and that’s what the album will be.”

INTERVIEW: Drake visits Elliot Wilson on his 'Keep it thoro" on East Village Radio

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
While in town for tomorrow’s Jordan Brand Classic at the Barclay Center, Drake crashed YN’s “Keep It Thoro” show this evening on East Village Radio. If you weren’t tuned in, here’s what you missed.

Part 1: Speaks on his next album, “Started From The Bottom” and “5Am In Toronto”.

Part 2: Reveals he plans to release two songs next week, one which initially was a remix to “Started From The Bottom” now a DJ Khaled track with Rick Ross.

Part 3: Speaks on the his relationship with The Weeknd and working with 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar, and Future.

Part 4: Touches on Weezy’s health scare, says he no issues with Pusha T, dismisses Rihanna and threw shots at Breezy. “His insecurities are the reason I make better music than him…I’m more popping than him…At one point the woman he loves fell into my lap and I did what a real nigga would do and treated her with respect.”

Yo Gotti - Ain't No Turning Around Ft. Jadakiss (Official Music Video)

I've never really been a Yo Gotti fan but this one here spoke to me in a real way. The song itself is pretty dope, especially with Jadakiss laying down some real tough bars. I have deep appreciation for hood/grudgy/gangsta looking videos, maybe it's because it's very reminiscent to the rap videos I saw growing up in the early to late 90's, but this one here did a real good job of capturing that hood element.    Who knows, maybe this one is the one that turns me into a Yo Gotti fan, guess we'll just have to wait and see. ~alx.O

Ghostface Killah- Rise Of the Black Suits

Although the storytelling of the video was lil slow paced and at times too slow, I thought the overall package was pretty cool. The song has that signature Ghostface sound we all know and love and the visuals complimented it very well. I definitely wanna see where they take this though, It feels like this is just part of many videos in this story plot. Hopefully they pick up the pace next time. ~alx.O

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Realness: Swizz Beatz explains Hov, Timbaland, Trey Songz 2gether on 'Open Letter'

Jay Z - Open Letter (Feat Swizz Beatz & Timbaland) (Addressing Cuba, Obama & More) [Audio]

I though the track was dope, but I didn't feel that the song addressed the cuba situation, as the media made it seem that it would. Like he ain't even really address it, he had a few lines but the whole song wasn't about that. Once again, another case of the media blowing things out of proportion. Idk, thats my take on it. What do you guys think? ~alx.O

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Music: Miguel x Kendrick Lamar “How Many Drinks (Remix)”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Track seven off Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream gets reupholstered with a verse from Kendrick Lamar. Unless we’ve been drinkingLil Kenny sounds a lil’ like Lil Wayne.

A$AP Twelvyy feat. Da$h " Jay Reed " (Official Video)

I definitely appreciate what the whole a$ap movement is doing for hiphop. And with this one, a$ap Twelvy does not disappoint. Shot in a very grudging 90's era style, "Jay Reed" definitely captures the raw realities of what inner city life can be like sometimes. I liked this one, I thought it was dope. And using part of Mobb Deep's famous, or shall I say infamous, "Shook One's" hook definitely added a real great element to the track. Once again, a$ap does not disappoint. ~alx.O

Stalley Breaks Down His New Single "Swangin"

I can't say to much about Stalley other than I liked his mixtape. I think he has a very unique quality about him and his music feels good to listen to. This video did a good job though of showing a bit of who Stalley the person is, and it only made me want check out the album when it drops. Mission accomplished. ~alx.O

The Untouchable Empire Presents Stalley in the studio with Rick Ross breaks down the making of his new single "Swangin" and what it meant to have the legendary Scarface appear on the record as well. Documented by Jon J. #StalleyAlbumComing

Fabolous - Ready (Explicit) ft. Chris Brown

Can't knock Fabo, he's still really great at what he does and this track just further proves that. ~alx.O

New Jersey Crowd Takes Over WWE RAW With Trolling Chants

I dedicate this one to all my wrestling fans out there and also to my home state of  New Jersey, we just like to do shit our way…lol I enjoyed this alot. ~alx.O

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rick Ross "UOENO" Lyrics Controversy - The Truth with Elliott Wilson

Personally, I think Rick Ross just dropped the ball on this one. In pursuit of another hit record, he unintentionally condoned rape with his lyrics. And I say "unintentionally" because I don"t actually believe that he condones rape but I do think he, like many people unfortunately, didn't take it as seriously as he should have when he wrote the lyric. Rape is a severely serious and sensitive subject and I'm sure he's kicking himself in the ass for even taking it there. Simply put, Rozay put his foot in his mouth and now he's paying for it. But hey, your live and you learn and he's definitely learning a hard lesson with this one. ~alx.O

Today on The Truth, Elliott tackles a recent, more serious controversy centered around some Rick Ross' lyrics that describe him drugging a woman's drink in the club and then later sexually assaulting her without her knowledge or consent. The public backlash against these blatant lyrics shows signs of the end of the acceptance of violence against women in hip hop. What are your thoughts on this controversy? Sound off in the comments with #TheTruth and you could be chosen to participate in an upcoming Google+ Hangout with Elliott!

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Beyonce and Jay-Z's controversial trip

Although, I don't think them taking this trip had any political inclinations, I do agree with the senator that they should be courteous and respectful about it. What is just a vacation for them, is also a difficult reality for someone else. Other than that, I have no other opinions. ~alx.O

[The superstar couple draws scrutiny for vacationing in Cuba. U.S. law prohibits citizens from traveling there for tourism. For more CNN videos, visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/video/]

Dj Drama interviews Kendrick Lamar & Schoolboy Q

Kendrick Lamar & Schoolboy Q stop by Gangsta Grill Radio !!!

Nicki Minaj - Up In Flames [Music Video]

In this one, Nicki gives us yet another reason to respect her grind. Love her or hate her, she definitely is  part of current dominating force in Hip Hop and I guess she felt the need to remind people of that. Remind "whom" is hard to say exactly, as the rapper has garnished hate from various different females in the game, most notably The "Queen Bee" herself lil Kim. But overall I think the song is a solid track, the beat is dope, the bars are dope, and the visuals definitely felt appropriate. I ride with it. ~alx.O

Young Buck "Rubberband Banks" Official Video

I can't front, after his separation from G-Unit, I though that was the last we'd ever hear of Young Buck. But it's a pleasant surprise to hear new music post G-Unit, that is actually really good. "RubberBand Banks" showcases a more mature Buck and his piercingly deep lyrics become the driving force behind this track. A notable line he said was "I went from balling, bankrupt, back to balling again." I support this track 100% ~alx.O

Cassie - Paradise ft. Wiz Khalifa (Official Video)

After being M.I.A. from the game for a little bit, Cassie seems determined to return victorious. As the follow up single to "Numb" ft. Rick Ross, "Paradise" definitely holds it own and showcases a more sensual & aggressive approach with lines like "Loud body language, no conversation." I think Cassie has her mind right this time around and she ain't playing no games. I really looking forward to seeing what else she has in store for us. ~alx.O

J.Cole - Power Trip (Explicit) Ft. Miguel ::::Warning NSFW:::::

Back at it again, Mr. Cole brings us the official visuals to his latest hit "Power Trip". Definitely taking creative expression to a very dark but very real level, Cole shows us how crazy love can make us sometimes. Definitely not suitable for the office or younger children, but overall I though the video was very dope. The song and video only builds up the suspense of J.Cole's sophomore album "Born Sinner" dated for a June 25th release, I can't wait.~ alx.O

Friday, April 5, 2013

Terrence Howard Talks "Dead Man Down"- The Round Up With Shaheem Reid

I found this to be very entertaining. I have a deep deep respect for Terrence Howard and after watching this video, I can definitely say it's now a deeper respect. ~alx.O 

In this episode of The Round Up, Shaheem Reid sits down with Terrence Howard to talk about his role in the Oscar-winning "Hustle and Flow", filming with Oprah in "The Butler" and his latest movie "Dead Man Down", co-starring Colin Farrell.

Watch more exclusive interviews with Shaheem

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Chris Brown, Tyga, Kid Cudi Leaves G.O.O.D. Music - The Truth with Elliott Wilson

Chris Brown releases visual for "Fine China," Tyga attempts a collaboration with 2Pac, and Kid Cudi leaves G.O.O.D. Music.

Iggy Azalea - Slo. [Official Video]

I've been following Iggy for a lil while now and I'm glad to say that she is definitely maturing into a very potent element in hip hop. This song is dope on so many levels, from the beat to the lyrics to visuals, "Slo", is a winner in my book. ~alx.O

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chris Brown "Fine China - One Take Dance Performance"

Now this is more like it, Chris brown kills this dance performance. As I've always said, he's an amazing talent and this video just further proves it to the world… You know assuming it needed anymore proof..lol and the song is pretty dope too.  ~alx.O

"FINE CHINA'' AVAILABLE NOW: http://smarturl.it/FineChina 

Big Sean 25th Birthday Celebration Vlog (With Wiz Khalifa And More)

Pusha T (Feat. Kevin Gates) - Trust You (Official Video)

Pusha T drops a new music video for "Trust You" featuring Kevin Gates. The SK Arthur McArthur-produced track is off of Pusha's mixtape, "Wrath of Caine." Look for his album "My Name Is My Name" to drop soon.

Directed by Matt Alonzo.

Download "Wrath of Caine" for free from Datpiff

Follow Pusha T on Twitter @PUSHA_T


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Chris Brown throws jabs at Drake in a freestyle.

He's an amazing talent but this some pussy ass shit. "You can't get at me cuz I ain't a rapper" thats so weak… ~alx.O

Kid Cudi Announces He is Leaving Good Music (Audio)

The-Dream - Slow It Down (Explicit) ft. Fabolous

It's so good to hear new music from The Dream. This one's pretty dope, can't wait to hear the whole album. ~alx.O

Nicki Minaj - High School ft. Lil Wayne (Official Video)

Cassie- Numb ft Rick Ross (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Drake- 5am in Toronto (OFFICIAL VIDEO)