Friday, May 24, 2013


The Game once again reminds us why he is one of the modern greats. In "Till We Meet Again", He touches on the loss of his friend Michael "Frogg" Reshard who was shot and killed last month. Although a very touching song, it is always a sad moment in HipHop when really great music is inspired by really horrific realities, especially when that inspiration is a death. I send my condolences to the family and I prepare myself for whats to come. The Game- "Operation: kill Everything", coming soon. ~alx.O

NEW MUSIC: Clinton Sparks Feat. Macklemore, 2 Chainz & D.A. – “Gold Rush”

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Though completely unexpected, I have to say I really liked the song a lot. 2Chains did exactly what I expected from him which as cool but then so did Macklemore which was freaking awesome. Clinton Sparks, you mastermind you!!! lol Definitely see this as one of this summers anthems, no doubt at all. ~alx.O

NEW MUSIC: Machine Gun Kelly feat. Pusha T & Meek Mill - “Pe$o”

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I can't lie, I'm still on the fence on whether or not I'm a fan of MGK's music, but I can't deny the fact the guy got skills. "Peso" carries well and his song mates do a great job of solidifying the track as dope. I'll take it and keep my mind open on MGK, I might just come around after all. ~alx.O

NEW MUSIC: Fat Joe feat. Future – “Love Me Long Time”

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Although Joe might be having some legal problems, one things for sure, music still ain't a problem for Fat Joe. "Love Me Long Time" is a solid record with an incredibly great feel to it. And although Joe comes strong on the record it's definitely Future's vocals that take this song to another level. I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes one of the summer jams of 2013. ~alx.O

Elliott Wilson from Rap Sits Down with Ciph, Rosenberg, and Ebro

YN did his thang once again and although I don't usually see eye to eye with anything that Cypha, Rosenberg, or Ebro have to say but I can understand and agree everything in this interview. ~alx.O

NEW MUSIC: Tyga - For The Road (Explicit) ft. Chris Brown (Official Video)

Tyga takes a more softer approach to what most would come to recognize as "good-bye" sex and with the help of Chris Brown lending his talents on the hook, I'd say this track is a winner. Subtle, smooth, and to the point. Just like life sometimes. ~alx.O

J. Cole's "Born Sinner" Vlog series #3 (Dreamville member Ibraham "IB' Hamad)

Mr. Cole is back again with the third installment of his BornSinner Vlog series and in this one, he shines the light on his right hand man Ibraham "IB' Hamad. In this one Hamad speaks on his reaction when he first heard J.cole, to how the Dreamville Collective came to be, and also pushing up the release date of BornSinner. Overall, I enjoyed every minute of this. He has heart and showcases the level of confidence for this new album and also how much work that has gone into building the J.Cole brand. Aww man, the suspense is truly building now, June 18th can't come any sooner. ~alx.O

INTERVIEW: YN aka Elliot Wilson Returns To The Breakfast Club

I, for one, definitely respect what this man has done for the HipHop community tremendously. As far as giving the people up close and instant access to new music and new artist, YN is the best at what he does. ~alx.O