Sunday, June 16, 2013

Usher's "Looking 4 Myself" Presented by Samsung

I just thought this shit was freaking cool, I want one of them Tv's. Usher needs to work on his acting tho, not that convincing. It just seemed like in every scene he mad wind blowing in his ~alx.O

NEW ALBUM: Mac Miller- Watching Movies With The Sound Off (STREAM ABLUM NOW)

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For those, like myself, who have been patiently waiting for this amazing june 18th date to arrive. Mac Miller gives us all a chance to hear and get a feel of the album before it drops, which is pretty awesome I think. So enjoy and be sure to cop that album on June 18th. ~alx.O

Click here to stream Mac Miller's "Watching Movies With The Sound Off

J.Cole Born Sinner Vlog #6: Cedric “Ced” Brown

As a person who also sold drugs and tasted rock bottom and then channelled all that energy into music, I felt this one hit very close to home. It's crazy to me, that there are people out there that still underestimate the power of music. Some that still say hiphop is a bad influence on the developing mind. I like to think that people like Cedric "Ced" Brown and myself are testaments to the opposite. ~alx.O

NEW MUSIC: Macklemore x Ryan Lewis “Stay At Home Dad”

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I really love the fact that someone in hiphop is being as unorthodox as the these guys are. "Stay at home Dad" is such a different kinda cool that even if it isn't as lyrical as their latter stuff, it still keeps up with their whole movement beautifully. ~alx.O

NEW MUSIC: Ceaze - Underrated [Official Video]

I found this track to be very nostalgic to a sound that I love very deeply. I think the track was done well and he did right with the lyrics. It hits every mark and takes you exactly where you wanna go. And as a big fan of hiphop myself, thats exactly what you want from a song like that. ~alx.O

Inside "Magna Carta Holy Grail" with JAY Z + Samsung

I think videos like these are what make people into loyal fans. It brings a deeper level of intimacy and broadens the range for a Artist/Fan connection. And JayZ is the king of making his fans fans feel connected to him. This video is further proof of that. "Magna Carta Holy Grail" July 4th