Thursday, October 3, 2013

NEW MUSIC: Lauryn Hill – Consumerism

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I really hope that all the people who claim that real music doesn't exist anymore, support this record and all future Lauren Hill music. She is talking about the all the things that most music heads talk about and personally I feel there should be no reason to not support this record. In my strong opinion, I think this record is fucking great but I wouldn't doubt it if the message goes over most people's heads. Yes, the song is called consumerism but the song is about so much more and I think what I love the most is that it isn't delivered in an easy to digest way. This is a song that you really have to replay at least 4-5 times and really pay attention to really get the full picture. I definitely see myself buying the album, I can't wait to hear what else Ms. Lauren Hill as to say. ~alx.O

NEW VIDEO: Pusha T Feat. Kendrick Lamar - Nosetalgia

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Although Pusha T's verse was really dope, I think Kdot fucking killed his verse.

He said:

"Could never show you the world I was in
When I was TEN
Back when 9 ounces had got you TEN
And 9 times out of TEN
Niggas don't pay atTENtion
And when theres TENsion in the air
Clips come with exTENsions"

I mean the rest of the verse is equally dope but that part stood the most for me. Kdot definitely is one the new legends in the making. ~alx.O