Saturday, June 1, 2013


At first, I thought this was just another boasting track but if you really pay attention Meek's talking bout some real deal shit. Not that he dictates what the level "IS", he's just explaining what they "ARE". That even at one point he wasn't where he is today but that he had to climb through the levels, just like every other cameo artist in this video. ~alx.O

J. Cole "Born Sinner" Vlog #4 (Kevin "KO" Ogletree)

In the 4th installment of his BornSinner Vlog Series, Cole focuses on Kevin "Ko" Olgtree. I'm really enjoying how these vlogs are really painting an amazing picture of struggle, survivorship, and victory. Little by little the ideology behind the name "BornSinner" is making its way to the forefront. June18th, I can't wait. ~alx.O

INTERVIEW: Wale at The Breakfast Club - Power 105 1

I really enjoyed this one. It gave me a chance to see another side of Wale that I wasn't familiar with, the hiphop enthusiast Wale, which was dope. I agree with everything he said about people not caring about wordplay and making room for new legends. I'm curious to see how all that translates on the album. ~alx.O