Released date 2-25-14

Trial & Error Mixtape by Justin Mass

Mixed & Mastered by Justin Mass

Productional credit: "Hold Me Back" prod by alx.O/AblegreenMusic

Releases date 8-29-13

Ablegreen Ent: Aug 2013 Releases- by alx.O

Mixed by alx.O

Release date 7-1-13

Ablegreen Entertainment Presents: Julian Kane- About That Time

Mixed by alx.O

Release date 05-22-12

Ablegreen Entertainment Presents: Chapter 1- Bright Lights and Dreams
by Alx.O The Producer

Mixed by Wilkis "Ideology" Figuereo for ItecAudio Studios LLC

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Release date 05-29-11

The Dream Mixtape- By alx.O

Mixed by alx.O