Thursday, June 20, 2013

INTERVIEW: J.Cole at The Breakfast Club - Power 105.1

He said "It's no fair, Tupac had mobbdeep and Biggie and I get left with is Tyrese and Diggy." Got'em!!!!! lol ~alx.O

J.Cole BornSinner Vlog Series: Vlog #7 (The conclusion to the series with the man himself J.Cole)

I been following the whole BornSinner campaign from the Vlog Series, the Crwn interview with Elliot Wilson, Many other interviews from various outlets, The "Yours Truly" Ep's, to the performance videos and I have to say that this group of people, The Dreamville Collective, did an amazing job of reaching the mass while still keeping the overall feel of their work organic. Of course, at the end of the day the music will speak for itself but I think in combination with the album, J.Cole and Dreamville have definitely left their mark in the hearts of fans and thats what I think is gonna be the ticket to their longevity and success in this game. J.Cole "BornSinner" in stores now ~alx.O

J.Cole's "BornSinner" Buy It Now