Monday, June 3, 2013


I'm a huge KDot fan so I had to post this for all my fellow KDot fans out there. Enjoy. ~alx.O

NEW MUSIC: Angel Haze - No Bueno

Idk how I feel about this one yet. Angel Haze is definitely a talented rapper but I'm not sure her claiming that bitches owe her is something a new up and coming rapper should be saying. No diss but who you talking to?

SUMMERJAM 2013 Recap Video

Although I heard from many people that were there, this year wasn't as dope as previous years but still summerjam is summerjam and I had to post at least the recap. Enjoy. ~alx.O

NEW MUSIC: Snow Tha Product - "Play"

So I told ya'll I was gonna keep ya'll posted on anything new I heard from SnowTheProduct and here it is. With "Play" Snow showcased her incredible skills in both english and spanish and completely obliterated the track. I was on the fence before but not anymore, I am officially a fan of Snow The Product. ~alx.O

NEW MUSIC: Cyhi The Prynce Round Da Corner ft Trae Tha Truth

I've said before and I'll say it again, Cyhi The Prince is one of the most talented and underrated rappers out there right now. I think he embodies that in regular person who grew up in the hood. That dude that wasn't a cornball or a gang member, just ghetto survivor with survival stories and I think that makes him great. He fills in a very prevalent gap in our modern hiphop culture and "Round Da Corner" is just another perfect example of that. Dope song. ~alx.O  

NEW MUSIC: Wale x Rihanna “Bad (Remix)”

The remix was cool. The new verse were dope, I kinda wanted some more from Rihanna but overall I enjoyed it. ~alx.O

NEW MUSIC: Wale Ft. Rick Ross x Lupe Fiasco “Poor Decisions”

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Now this was unexpected but surprisingly dope. A real dope concept layered with even doper lyrics from each artist. For those that say MMG ain't making real music, well now you have one that proves the opposite. Lets hope they find the right balance. ~alx.O

NEW MUSIC: Rick Ross x Jadakiss “Oil Money Gang”

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I can't say much about this one other than both artist delivered what I pretty much expected from them. Not the illest song I've ever heard but it's decent for the genre. I give it a pass. ~alx.O

NEW MUSIC: J.Cole ft TLC- Crooked Smile

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I first heard the rough version of this song about less than a year ago and thought it was great. Now,  hearing the final version in which he enlists the help and talents of TLC, I think the song is 100x's better and is now contending in that realm of classic songs. "Crooked Smile" in a very creative way touches on the concept of self-esteem in a way thats very smart, poignant and funny which feels very nostalgic to that of Kanye's "All Falls Down" All in all, the song is dope. I can't wait for June 18th. ~alx.O