Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era Freestyle

I definitely love hearing that golden era sound coming back to mainstream, only this time with extremely talented new faces. Hip Hops new generations is definitely building up to be a force not to wrecked with.

Hottest MC in the Game Right Now?- The Truth with Elliott Wilson

Kanye West Not Happy With Being Placed #7 On MTV's Hottest MC List + Calls Lil Wayne The #1 Rapper In The World! [Audio]

Kanye West has been probably one of the strongest influences in my music. I think he is the master of pushing the envelope and truly being the best at his brand of music. Unfortunately though, the industry isn't always concerned with innovators as much as they should, most of the time the industry is focused on other things that are very "in the moment" kind of things. So with that in mind, I'm pretty sure thats why Kanye came at #7. Not to say #7 isn't good, but that means there are 6 other MC's that were considered better, and Idk I'm a need to see some proof before I just believe that. But then again thats the industry for you, all smoke and mirrors. Don't believe the hype folks. ~alx.O

Rick Ross- Ashamed

I'm really feeling this song and the video is pretty dope too. Dude got a tiger cub..lol ~alx.O

Studio Session: Big K.R.I.T. & 9th Wonder Working On "King Remembered In Time" Project

Idk about ya'll but I'm the type to stay watching videos like these almost like I'm studying. I don't care who it is, I love to just observe the creation process and take whatever positive I can from it and put it into my own creative process. ~alx.O

Female Cover To Bad By Wale & Tiara Thomas! (Same Girl Who Did Diced Pineapples Cover In The Whip)

I love it when I see people on the come up and they're just so confident in their craft. Kudos. ~alx.O

Jaden Smith Freestyle on Tim Westwood

Definitely doing his thing, do not sleep on this young individual. ~alx.O