Monday, July 29, 2013

DOCUMENTARY: Ryan Leslie presents "BLACK MOZART" (Full 25 Minute Documentary)

As both an artist and a producer, I've always appreciated the fact Ryan Leslie always finds new ways to brings you to his world whether through his studio vlogs or his daily life vlogs. So I think this documentary was the only natural next step for me. And as a fan, I enjoyed every minute. From the team staff meetings, to the nights out in Vienna, To those magic moments in the studio, and the overall satisfaction on everyones faces. "Black Mozart" might be Ryan's biggest album yet, and so far from what I heard, its really really good. I'm definitely putting it on "to watch" list ~alx.O

NEW MIXTAPE: "About That Time" by JulianKane

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MIXTAPE: "The Dream Mixtape" by alx.O

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A bit of a throw back for me but I figured I'd load it up again while I'm finishing up the new project. Hope you guys enjoy. ~alx.O