Thursday, June 6, 2013

J.Cole Performs “Crooked Smile” In NYC

It's really something to see J.Cole's live show. He puts some much feeling in it that it's very hard not to enjoy it. He kinda reminds me a little of kanye the way he coordinates the band as he performs, so it's like both artist and producer on stage and shit. It's really dope.  I really like this track, tt has a real great feel and even greater message to it. I can't wait for June18th. He's gonna kill'em. ~alx.O

INTERVIEW: Emilio Sparks sits down with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I think hiphop is in dire need of more people like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. They both have solid heads on their shoulders, they know the business, they understand their impact on people, and they stay true to their core beliefs and thats just not as common and we'd all like to think. Great interview, even though Ryan Lewis looks high as ~alx.O

NEW MUSIC: Emilio Rojas “Good Morning” (NoShame/NoRegrets drops June 11th)

I've said it before and I'll say it again he's underrated but always great. Emilio Rojas may be taking the longer road but his catalog is becoming a tremendously solid foundation to build on. "NoShame/NoRegrets" JUNE 11th

NEW MUSIC: Raekwon x Melanie Fiona “Soundboy Kill It”

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Raekwon brings his "A" game in this recent release featuring the wonderful Melanie Fiona, and reminds us all why he's the Chef. Real real dope. ~alx.O

NEW MUSIC: Prodigy Ft. Havoc x Raekwon “R.I.P.”

It's so good to hear Prodigy and Havoc on some new music again. And real shit, all 3 of these legends killed this track. You gotta really listen to them verses, oh yeah its that kinda dope. ~alx.O

Ace Hood Trials & Tribulations Vlog

Although I didn't think it was as illuminating as most vlogs can be, it was still entertaining to watch. ~alx.O

J.Coles BornSinner Vlog Series Pt 5: Miguel

Not that I assumed Miguel was shallowing or anything but it was a great surprise to see how deep and introspective he really is. After watching, I can definitely understand why Mr.Cole selected him to be a part of this vlog Series. Enjoy folks, BornSinner June 18th ~alx.O