Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Music: K.Michelle-”V.S.O.P.”

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I just got put onto K Michelle while listening to the Breakfast Club on Power105 this morning, and so far I really like her music. This girl can really sing her ass off and her pen game is just as tough, which becomes very evident once you hear her new single "V.S.O.P". I'm sold. ~alx.O

NEW MUSIC: Loaded Lux Ft. Redman & Method Man “Rite (Remix)”

Okay, something for my real hiphop heads who need that boom bap to hit hard. I loved the energy of those whole record, really dope and it's always good to see Red &Meth still doing there thang. ~alx.O

MUSIC NEWS: J.Cole sheds some light on his decision to push up the release of his album to drop on the same day as Kanye West.

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J.Cole says,

“Instantly the lightbulb [turned on]… it got real. I made one phone call to somebody that would know, just to make sure first. As soon as I got it confirmed, I was like, ‘Yo…’ The idea hit me instantly: ‘You got to go to that date’. I’m not going to sit [here]… I worked too hard to come a week later after Kanye West drops an amazing album. It’d be like, ‘Oh and J.Cole dropped too, a week later.’ Nah. I’m going to go see him on that date. He’s the greatest. So it’s like, I’m a competitor by nature so it was instant, it wasn’t even a thought.”
“It’s a definite statement about how I feel about my album, which is confident. At the same time, let’s not forget this is Kanye West. He bets 100, 1,000, whatever the perfect is. His track record is flawless. I’m only expecting an incredible album from him. But I know what I have.”

NEW MUSIC: Hit-Boy - Fan ft. 2 Chainz

As a rapping producer myself, I must say, I love how rap/producers make the best records. Starting with Kanye West to J.Cole and now Hit-Boy hitting them tracks hard. The song is dope and beat is crazy dope, and though I'm not to crazy bout 2chains as an artist period, I even liked his verse on this. I really see Hit-Boy being a major player in the years to come. ~alx.O