Friday, March 15, 2013

Jay-Z To Executive Produce & Record Music For “The Great Gatsby” Movie

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Jay-Z is set to produce the music and soundtrack for the upcoming film based on the classic American novel “The Great Gatsby”. He was introduced to the movie’s director Baz Luhrmann by the lead actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Luhrmann praised Jay-Z calling him “a credible and natural fit” for the job.
Here’s what Jay-Z had to say about the project:

JAY Z said, “As soon as I spoke with Baz and Leonardo, I knew this was the right project. The Great Gatsby is that classic American story of one`s introduction to extravagance, decadence and illusion. It`s ripe for experimentation and ready to be interpreted with a modern twist. The imagination Baz brought to `Moulin Rouge` made it a masterpiece, and `Romeo + Juliet`s` score wasn`t just in the background; the music became a character. This film`s vision and direction has all the makings of an epic experience.”

Jimmy Iovine being the sly guy that he is has to get in on some of that money too… The soundtrack for the film will be released via Interscope Records.
Another big move for the Jigga man. This guy just keeps on winning huh?

Source- Reuters

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