Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rick Ross "UOENO" Lyrics Controversy - The Truth with Elliott Wilson

Personally, I think Rick Ross just dropped the ball on this one. In pursuit of another hit record, he unintentionally condoned rape with his lyrics. And I say "unintentionally" because I don"t actually believe that he condones rape but I do think he, like many people unfortunately, didn't take it as seriously as he should have when he wrote the lyric. Rape is a severely serious and sensitive subject and I'm sure he's kicking himself in the ass for even taking it there. Simply put, Rozay put his foot in his mouth and now he's paying for it. But hey, your live and you learn and he's definitely learning a hard lesson with this one. ~alx.O

Today on The Truth, Elliott tackles a recent, more serious controversy centered around some Rick Ross' lyrics that describe him drugging a woman's drink in the club and then later sexually assaulting her without her knowledge or consent. The public backlash against these blatant lyrics shows signs of the end of the acceptance of violence against women in hip hop. What are your thoughts on this controversy? Sound off in the comments with #TheTruth and you could be chosen to participate in an upcoming Google+ Hangout with Elliott!

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