Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sirah - "Up & Down" [Music Video]

She’s a pint size doll spitting rhymes and singing lines amid a crowd of music junkies at the height of SXSW. LA based songstress/rapper Sirah took the stage of the W Hotel Austin with the fury of a freight train and the delicacy of a princess. “I feel like all those East Coast rappers raised me. JAYraised me,” Sirah states pre-set in Austin. Though she left a mark on the music scene with her collaboration with Skrillex on the Grammy Award winning “Bangarang,” her love for music comes from the rawness of hip-hop. “Coming from a hip-hop background… it’s a culture, it’s a lifestyle. No matter what kind of music I’m making, that’s where I start from, “Sirah interjects passionately. “Skrillex at the end of the day is a musician. Whether he’s making computer songs or playing the guitar – he’s a musician. I’m a hip hop fan. That’s where it all stems from.” Her zesty stage performance matches her zeal and forward thinking lyrics as a songwriter. Subtlety is a far cry from Sirah’s reality and mission.

Courtesy Of JayZ's Lifeandtimes.com

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