Thursday, September 26, 2013

INTERVIEW: Kanye West sits down with Zane Lowe Pt 1

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I found this whole interview to be very insightful, not just because of who Kanye West is as an artist/producer, but also because of what he had to say about the current world we live in. The interview became less and less about "Yeezus" and more and more about the state of the world, creatively speaking. My favorite part was when he spoke on racism, classism, and self hate. That we live in a world where we are okay calling ourselves pimps and players, but are not okay with having the self-esteem to consider ourselves gods. Of course, I don't think he meant that in the religious sense but I do feel that he hit a solid point in urban culture psychology. Why are we so apprehensive to the idea of seeing ourselves in such a high regard? And are we program to behave this way, by the larger corporations as Kanye West states in this interview? The interview raises a litany of good questions and is definitely a great watch. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. ~alx.O

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