Sunday, March 10, 2013

[My Thoughts On This] My Hits So Sick I Got Rappers Acting Dramatic: Justin Timberlake Fires Shots At Kanye West During SNL Performance!?

Aside from the more obvious jab to Kanye West at the 2:18 minute mark. Personally I think JT's just being a man and quickly addressing kanye's rant with a jab of his own. No more to it, in my eyes. However, what I would like you to take into consideration is how again the game is racist. JT and JayZ have roughly been in the game the same amount of years and although JayZ might possibly have more money, JT has definitely sold more records than him. Look it up, JT as a solo artist plus his N'sync years versus JayZ as just a solo artist. What you'll find is that even tho Jay Z has made more albums (releasing an album every year since he started) JT still out sells him. Therefore, JT has been already, for many years now, selling out venues and doing stuff that Jay Z has only started doing now since 2009. Clearly showcasing that even tho JayZ and JT may be equals now, JayZ most definitely had to work more and do more to get there than JT did. WHY? Because only now that JayZ signed that deal with live nation has he been able to fund the kind of shows at venues that normally only go to pop and rock n roll acts. HE JUST GOT THIS. However, since JT comes from a POP background, he's had this accessibility for almost his whole career. Thus why he sells more. And in this industry he sells the most is king and no one sells more than POP and Rock N Roll. ~alx.O

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